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A good home is one where every family member lives happily and feels positive energy throughout.

Astro Vastu Point has gained a lot of experience in making interior arrangement in all category of residential vastu. Whether it your house, flat, bungalow, haveli, kothi, farm house or any other place in residential vastu category, we will give you 100% genuine and effective solutions in making your house possess postive vibes throughout the building.

We will advice you on placement and direction of:

  • Bed in your bedrooms
  • Gas stove, fridge, oven in kitchen
  • Bath tub, geyser, water tub in bathrooms
  • Dinning table, study table, sofa set, television, music system and all things which we use in our daily activity

It is very important to know about the appropriate direction and placement of all these things in our homes as they play a crucial role in the daily living of each individual.

We will also suggest you about the other types of interior arrangement of building like main switch board, route of the wires, water tank, water pipelines, under ground water boring, septic tank, etc.

Mr. Devender will help you make interior arrangement of rooms according to nature and features of the room like position and directions of furniture or required things, goods, article in the concerned room.

He will personally visit your home and will review and make a detailed study of the entire building from outside to inside. While visiting your Home, he will study, check and record the influence of areas near your house. He will then prepare an evaluation report with suggestions of the most effective vastu remedies to achieve the desired results and solutions for you.

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